Server Rules

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our rules before you play.

We are very passionate about creating a nice and friendly server-community where everyone feels welcome and respected. To achieve this, we have deployed some relatively simple rules for all to follow. Please note that we do not tolerate any violation(s) of any server rule at any given time. Furthermore, where applicable, the same rules apply to our public Discord server which consequently means any violation on either platform will have consequences on both.

  • Absolutely no hacking.
    This includes, but is not limited to, speed-hacking, aimbotting and wall-hacking. Violation of this rule will result in an permanent ban without the ability to appeal. Offenders will moreover be reported to Valve accordingly. Furthermore, circumventing a ban issued for this offence by returning on a second account will result in an immediate ban regardless of any subsequent violations – or lack hereof. Similarly, if an offence is committed on a secondary account, your main account will be banned as well.
  • No foul or offensive language.
    This includes, but is not limited to, racism, discrimination, spam, personal attacks and seriously offensive language. We are judging these offences case-by-case, but remain firmly dedicated to fostering a mature and respectful community. We accept bantering, but we expect our community to know when things should be taken privately as opposed to publicly due to the lack of context observers inevitably will experience.
  • No inappropriate sprays.
    This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic, gore, religious, drug-referring and alcohol-referring sprays. We take this rule very seriously as some of our players are young and under-age. Spraying any of the above results in a permanent and immediate ban.
  • Do not nag administrators.
    If you do not agree with one or more actions by an administrator, please contact Dkyde directly through Discord or Steam. We place great trust in our administrators and frequently make checks, but if something slips through, we will review the situation thoroughly. Ultimately, administrators ought to be ambassadors within the community, and any abuse of this role is not taken lightly.
  • We are international – please speak and write English the best you can!

The following game- and class-specific rules moreover apply:

  • The Sydney Sleeper is not allowed.
  • Tele-trapping teammates as well as enemies is not allowed.
  • Spawn-camping is not allowed.
  • Trading and arranging trades is allowed, but not excessively. If you cannot find a buyer and/or seller after several tries, please wait for new players or share your interest on dedicated trading sites instead; we do not appreciate being spammed!
  • Capping is allowed.

We strongly encourage you to be a team-player and have fun!